Why Notebooks (The Paper Type) Are Back...

Notebooks, the paper not the laptop type, are back.

Like your favourite 90’s TV show or 70's disco tune, writing by hand is making a comeback. Notebooks are trendy again.

James Lileks from the Star Tribune recently wrote "Why are people opting for something as hopelessly retrograde as paper? Because checking off a box with a pen is more satisfying than tapping a piece of glass. Because you don’t have to worry about your notebook shattering if you drop it. Because paper has soul".

A Greenwood Classic Notebook, sun shining.

A Greenwood Classic Notebook, sun shining.

Just ask someone born pre-1985 why they are still quick to grab a pen and paper to note things down.

Writing things down also has psychological benefits. Because they offer something which what your reading this on (most likely your mobile) doesn’t, in a world of likes, fake news and controversial politicians, the classic notebook adds authenticity and a bit of simplicity back into our lives at a time we need those things most.

The classic pocket-size book, came from humble beginnings, used by American farmers as promotional items, all the way back to Hemingway who kept several on the go at any time.

My grandfather, Ray, still has his original address notebook, which has his name printed on the front and names and details of some of his oldest and dearest friends, all hand-written, captured in a moment in time, there is something romantic about that.

I started Greenwood Classic Notebooks, as a way to bring back the classic notebook. The Greenwood comes in a timeless forrest green soft cover, back pocket and elastic closure. The paper comes in grid, ruled or blank and is 100gsm premium ivory (technical way of saying the paper is thicker and better quality, ink doesn't bleed or run). While giving $5 back from each Greenwood to one of the greatest, Sean Car's charity Educaring Africa, who build educational and medical facilities in Malawi.

Grab your own Greenwood Classic Notebook or Sketchbook, to see for yourself (they also make a nice present).