Know The Art: Interview with Paul Theobald

Paul Theobald.jpg

Paul Theobald; Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Illustrator. Paul is an artist with boundless talent, and through his paintings, sculptures and written stories, is constantly evolving as an artist. An owner of one of the best beards you will see, already an accomplished artist, Paul is about to announce his third solo exhibition titled Beneath The Slime. One to keep an eye on. 

Yourself in three words?

Bemused / Busy / Bawdy

Something you love, and something you fear?

Love: Most things, no favourites here.

Fear: Prison & heights.

Invite three people to dinner living or dead who would they be and why?

Granddads / Grandmothers / Aunties

All dead people. I feel if you wanted to meet someone (alive) bad enough you have the possibility to make that happen, not so for the dead. I'd love to chop it up with the Grandpapi's and Grandmami's. Learn about their lives and my folks early days. I had two aunties which were really good to me that I never knew well, that would be nice. The dinner itself would have to be a deluxe spread, whole beasts, array of pickles, vegetables and fruits, more condiments than cutlery, easy on the booze though - I think some of these oldies had issues.

That's really 6 people but fuck your rules Sam.

Brasco Painting

Greatest mentor or influence?

Family, friends, Ian Wright and 90's skateboard graphics.

What are you working on at this moment?

Art: My next show - Beneath the Slime. As a continuation of Brasco's Parables - this time focusing on the journey of seven Wandering Starfish as they seek to reclaim what is rightfully theirs beneath the Slime. I want to build a section of the sea bed and populate it with some of the creatures. It will be an installation with sculptures and a few illustrated pieces hanging about.

Design: I've been freelancing for a few months now. Trying to keep clients happy. Learning new tricks. Always thinking about that one idea/product I could create/brand that would see me working for myself, so far, no luck.

Brasco Sculpture

Last thought you wrote down?

I write and sketch a lot. This is part of a short story I'm writing at the moment, "they lick the giant green crystal which gives them sight for 24hrs. They all meet - every morning, a ritual, the wandering starfish line up along the base of the submerged Mt. Fackney. Each taking turns to have one long lick and then go about their business"

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