My New Morning Routine

Those who know me will tell you, I’ve never been a morning person.

I’ve always struggled to jump out of bed with enough time outside of showering and heading into the office.

We’ve all heard those click-bait stories of 4-hour sleep patterns, these cyborglike humans who are up at 3AM to “grind and hustle” (all power to you if so) but to the 99.9% of us that just isn’t sustainable. I’m sure a new parent could tell you the effect that a lack of sleep has on you.

I wanted to change this though, so I decided to give author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss Morning Routine a go. It’s all about setting yourself up to win the day.  Below are the steps and what I learnt:

1. Make your bed (1-2 minutes)
My lovely mother Elena is probably reading this and laughing (hello Mum). It may sound simple, but making your bed is one of the few things which you can control, it means you’ve accomplished something straight away, and no matter how your day goes, you are coming home to a bed made, by you. Listen to a former Navy Seal Commander speak about it here.

2. Meditate (5-10 minutes)
Meditation has been one of the best additions to my life in the past 12 months, it’s made me feel clearer, given me more focus and allowed me to understand that emotions come and go. I’m naturally a fidgeter, but the Headspace App and Sam Harris Guided Meditation made the process a lot easier. I’ll be writing about the benefits of meditation in the weeks to come.

3. 5-10 reps of something (2 minutes)
This is to get the blood and oxygen flowing, I chose push-ups, but it doesn’t really matter what you do, it could be sit-ups, star jumps or lunges - just move. It’s meant to act as a kick start for your body.

4. Tea (2-3 minutes)
Pretty simple, this was about grabbing a cup of tea and heading towards a desk to start your journal, which is the next step. Probably one I could go without, as being a Melbournian I love my coffee. Ferriss recommends a concoction he calls Titanium Tea, but the process seems a bit arduous, and I think it’ll be dropped.

5. Journal (5 minutes)
Writing things down is a dominant form of release; this could be in the way of Morning Pages, Gratitude Journalling, Day Planning or just trying to fill one page with whatever is on your mind. Writing a journal is something I’ll cover on its own - but this is number one on my list.

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Nobody is under the illusion that hitting all five of these seven days a week is realistic, so I try to knock off 2-3 each morning. But even if you manage to complete a morning routine 2-3 times per week, you’ll quickly notice the difference it has on you.

Overall, my recommendation would be to add Meditation and Journalling to your day - as these are the two big ones that had a real positive impact for me.

Have your own morning routine? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you.

You can send me an email directly. Which was your favourite point? Was the article too short, too long? All feedback is good. Any topics you'd like covered in the future? Let me know!