How to start a journal, and keep it going...

What is a journal? It’s a great way to draw, write, glue and doodle about everything that is going on around us. It’s the habit of millions of people around the globe, some even call it an addiction.

But what really is a journal and why would I want to keep one? Google defines a journal as “a daily record of news and events of a personal nature”. Sure thing.

Really, a journal can be whatever the hell you want it to be. It’s a great big brain dump of whatever you want.

Here are some useful tips on how to maintain one:

1. Aim for one page

The blank page might seem slightly scary, to begin with, looking back at you with that great big space. But as with everything, starting is always that hardest part. I like to aim for one A5 page, it gives me enough space to get everything down without burning out.

Greenwood Journal

2. Give yourself a time limit

Putting a time limit on yourself is a little trick to ensure you don’t give up or get too bored. 10 minutes should do it.

3. Put the phone down

Physically writing down your journal with pen and paper is somewhat therapeutic. In fact, studies have been done, and show that journal writing improves your emotional and spiritual health, as well as wellbeing. 

4. Include whatever you feel like

It doesn’t just have to be written words you include in your journal, little snippets from the newspaper, plane tickets from your travels, I’ve even heard of people adding a little bit of sand from that day's adventures.

5. Give it a go

You’ll never know if you like something if you don’t give it a try. I’ve seen everyone from professional athletes to young children give journalling a go. The question I hear the most is “why didn’t I start this earlier?”

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