Why you should go camping

A few weekends ago I went camping with my housemate Cal, and it was amazing, here is why. This was a piece from The Greenwood Journal.

1. We disconnected from technology.
Something we discussed at the start of the trip, was the emphasis on disconnecting from our screens. We both work office jobs during the week and even when not in the office are constantly in front of some type of screen. We even bought a map (yes, like an actual fold-out map) so that we could wean ourselves off the reliance on Google Maps. It was glorious.

2. It broke the cycle.
Sometimes we can feel trapped in a cycle of work, weekends doing the same thing and that same pattern repeating again and again. It was nice to do something outside of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves in a different way.

3. Our legs (and minds) got a workout
We did a lot of walking, about 20kms of the first day and 15kms on the second day, the first few hours was the usual banter and conversation, but then something happened, we ran out of things to talk about and it was nice to walk with a clear mind. Just letting the brain wonder from one thought to the next is nice sometimes, but thinking about nothing at all is even better.

I'm not saying you need to go camping to do these three things, but I would highly recommend trying to incorporate those three things into your daily or weekly life. It went a long way for Cal and I.

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Have a wonderful day!


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