Know The Art: Interview with Chloe Strahan

Chloe Strahan

Meet Chloe Strahan the bright, future star of Australian journalism.

A young, upcoming presence in Australian journalism, Chloe was recently Junior Producer at iconic Melbourne radio station 3AW, before recently announcing she will be making the move to Albury Wodonga to delve into the depths as a Producer of ABC.

With many broadcasters starting off in regional studios and then working their way into stations like 3AW, it's a testament to the talent of Chloe going from 3AW to ABC and we can't wait to see what's in store for this superstar in the future. We caught up with Chloe in this week's edition of Know The Art and asked her a few questions below.

Know The Art is Greenwood's weekly content series where we interview up and coming artists of all disciplines, uncovering some of the most unique and interesting answers you've heard.

Yourself in three words?

Kooky, optimistic, loyal

Something you love, and something you fear?

I love a hot tea and a block of top deck chocolate.

I worry that I won't see enough of the world because I will be caught up in my own little bubble.

Invite three people to dinner living or dead who would they be and why?

David Attenborough, an idol of mine. Not only did he struggle at age 26 to get his foot into the media door, but he found a way to tell stories as opposed to news. I wish to do that one day. His work makes me feel very emotional.

Patti Smith, for the stories. Oh the stories she could tell.

Tim Hogan, because he makes me laugh.

Greatest mentor or influence?

My dad John. He knows how to live but he also works extremely hard. He gives excellent life advice too (even if you don't always want to hear it).

What are you working on at this moment?

Finding a cheap couch on gumtree to fill my empty house, and fitting in more of the things I love doing. Working in news takes up a lot of spare time, because there is always breaking news that I should be across.

Some weeks I don't play a single record, and the pile of half read books next to my bed is shameful!

The last thought you wrote down?

The amount of times I have written down my new office number at the top of a page this week. Every time I call a contact for an interview I forget what my return number is!

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