Know The Art: Interview with Beth Manning

You know when you meet someone, take one look and think to yourself that no matter what you do, you'll probably never be as cool as that person? Well, that person is Beth Manning.

Beth is a Copywriter at an independent ad agency in London. Who also happens to spend time making silver jewelry, baking the finest home-cooked sourdough and writing/illustrating her own children's book (plus fitting in time to train and run a half marathon next month).

We caught up with Beth in this week's edition of Know The Art.

Know The Art is Greenwood's weekly content series where we interview up and coming artists and creative folk of all disciplines.

Yourself in three words?

Determined, imaginative, clumsy

Something you love and something you fear?

Love: Hindsight. The ability to reflect on the past and how it impacts the present and the future will always be fascinating and incredibly exciting to me.

Fear: I am terrified of spiders. As anyone who’s ever lived with me will testify, the sounds I make and the speed at which I can move when I see one is properly amazing…

If you could invite three people to dinner living or dead who would they be and why?

Roald Dahl, Otis Redding and Marcella Hazan. All three of them were incredible writers and creatives in their own right, so conversation would never run dry and there’d be plenty to learn. Roald would be full of incredible stories, Otis would put on a killer soundtrack, and Marcella was credited with bringing Italian cuisine to America, so dinner would be deeelicious.

Greatest mentor or influence?

Probably my parents. For long periods of time growing up I remember thinking they had no clue, but as time’s gone on I’m increasingly aware of how right they were (read: are) and how much I still have to learn from them. They gave me my perspective (and life itself) so y’know… couldn’t be who I am without them.

What are you working on at this moment?

A few things… I’m incredibly close to baking the perfect loaf of sourdough, am in the middle of making a pair of earrings from two bones I cast in silver last year (sounds weird, promise it isn’t), I started writing and illustrating a children’s book a long time ago so am inclined to finish that in the not-to-distant-future, aaaaand then there’s training for that half marathon next month.

Last thought you wrote down?

As I said earlier, I bloody love hindsight. I try to journal as much as possible but have a habit of only remembering to write when feeling particularly emotional… so having just started a new notebook I’m making an effort to document more instances of inspiration/optimism. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Here’s the first entry:

“In this moment of clarity, I just want to note how wonderfully blessed life is and that no matter what the future holds, near or far, I’m so thankful I get to live it. I love writing in a fresh notebook – the thought of all the things that will one day line these pages! Invisible truths waiting to reveal themselves at precisely the right moment...

What a thrill. What a time to be alive.”

Read some of Beth's amazing work here and follow Beth on Instagram here.