The Evil of Email

Here are some tips I’ve learnt on how to spend less time on email, and ultimately less time in the office because you’ll be more focused and less distracted. I believe we can apply these at work, at home or with study.

A Community of Strangers

We’ve never been more connected thanks to the internet, yet we’ve never felt more alone. I for one have no idea who my neighbours are or what they even look like, and I live in a block of flats with about 100 people in London. 

To Be Organised, Or Not To Be?

The best thing I did, was implement a system. I watched how high-achievers at our agency created their to-do lists, I trialled different methods, and eventually, I found one that worked for me. The GTD Method has five steps, I outline them in this article.

My Ongoing Side Hustle Journey

Starting Greenwood Classic Notebooks has been an exciting journey so far, learning experiences at every turn and it's provided me with so much fulfilment. These are some tips on starting a small business.

The True Value of Resilience

The word resilience gets thrown around loosely from time to time. The word primarily means toughness and in that, the ability to bounce back from situations, usually challenging ones.
We often rely on our resilience when we've had a tough day in the office, when a sporting result doesn’t go our way or even when that job we’ve been applying for doesn't come through.

My New Morning Routine

I decided to give author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss Morning Routine a go. It’s all about setting yourself up to win the day.  Included are the steps and what I learnt.